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Over 50 Years of

Reliable Lighting Innovation

In 1969, two years after the company’s founding, Garrity® introduced the LifeLite®, the first disposable flashlight. This light has been a favorite across the world serving fire and rescue workers, military personnel, and families. It was used in Operation Desert Storm, at the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, at Ground Zero of the World Trade Center tragedy in New York in 2001, and in those areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

When Life Happens

Don't be left in the dark

Garrity flashlights are available in stores and online. With a durable design and affordable cost our products are built for the consumer and provide reliable portable lighting when it’s needed the most.

Garrity for Retailers

Our distribution is designed for retail and procuring Garrity products is fast and. Contact us for more information.